A wilderness preserve in central Belize

Established to preserve a portion of old-growth tropical forest and the fauna within

Photographs by Dan & Ellen Plunkett, Ryan Plunkett, & Denfield Welcome

The Doris Wilderness is named after Doris Hemsley, the mother of Denfield Welcome, the Vice President of the preserve. Doris is the proud matriarch of a family of Belizean sons and daughters.

The Doris Wilderness Foundation,LLC is a 501(C) (3) non-profit organization, and a registered non-profit organization in Belize. The Doris Wilderness is 7200 acres of old-growth tropical forest, protected as a wilderness.

About us

Denfileld Welcome is Co-Founder and Vice President of The Doris Wilderness.

The Doris Wilderness

Ellen Plunkett, President of The Doris Wilderness, and 
Dan Plunkett helped found The Doris Wilderness and support its preservation.

Edgar Aguilar is the lead ranger and works to protect The Doris Wilderness.